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You can listen to my radio show on at 08:30 Mumbai Noon Singapore and 14:00 Sydney time every Monday. For Season 6 (July to Sept) I am selecting articles from leading consulting firms and publications and making them easy to understand and practical to implement,

You can also listen via Podcast on most Podcast Providers. Or via the link below

1. S6 E11 HBR research reveals the most important skill when pitching VCs Practical Solutions to Difficult Problems with Jeremy Gray

Some start ups spend more on acquiring a customer than the customer’s life time value. This leads to failure and closure. Tune into to learn why most entrepreneurs incorrectly calculate LTV and how you can avoid the mistake of paying too much to acquire customers. Also we look at three questions you can ask your team to improve their problem solving skills and your unique role in the solution. Finally research published in HBR has identified the most important skill when pitching to venture capitalists. It’s probably not what you think, join me to find out what is this vital skill.
  1. 1. S6 E11 HBR research reveals the most important skill when pitching VCs
  2. 1. S 6 Ep 10 They say scaling up is hard to do, and now I know its true JEREMY GRAY
  3. 1. S6 E9 The Challenges of Scaling Up
  5. 1. S6 E7 Two cases studies in why start ups fail.

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