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You can listen to my radio show on at 08:30 Mumbai Noon Singapore and 14:00 Sydney time every Monday. For Season 8 (January to March) I am focusing on items that an entrepreneur should consider when starting out in business.

You can also listen via Podcast on most Podcast Providers. Or via the link below

S12 E19 No market need with Jeremy Gray Practical Solutions to Difficult Problems with Jeremy Gray

No Market Need CB Insights a market intelligence platform analyzed why 110 Tech Companies failed.  The second most common cause of failure was that there was no demand for the product or service.   I cannot imagine anything more soul-destroying than finding there is no demand for your beloved product or service. How can you avoid spending hours and money developing your business only to find that no one, or at least not enough people, wants your product or service? Lisen and find out,
  1. S12 E19 No market need with Jeremy Gray
  2. S12 E18 Outcompeted with Jeremy Gray
  3. S12 E17 Don't let a flawed business plan ruin your business
  4. S12 E16 False Starts can lead to business failure,
  5. A Date With Destiny Why Start-ups fail, a founders reflections