Thoughts of a Fractional CFO

Marketing to Gen Z without the cringe

A special post acknowledging the election of Maxwell Frost the first Gen Z member of Congress. We are entering an era that sees a considerable shift of purchasing power from millennials to Generation Z. Millennial spending sits at just over $65 billion – while Generation Z is at almost $100 billion. The Bank of America…

Overseas expansion How to find the best target country

This is the second post on the topic of finding the ideal target country for your business expansion Another criterion in your market assessment is what is the competition like? There is likely to be local competition and probably international competition that have entered the market before you. Find out as much as you can…


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Seize the Opportunity

Two barges photographed from my apartment in Ho Chi Minh City. Carrying goods destined to shipped all around the world. There is a world of opportunity for you to tap into. Let me help you grow and achieve success.

SMEs are vital to the global economy and employ nearly 60% of worlds working population.

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