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In 2003 the Indian environmental researcher Narayana Peesapaty spotted an alarming trend: Groundwater levels in the region of Hyderabad were falling precipitously. He examined rainfall records but found nothing to explain the drop. Looking deeper, he discovered that the culprit was a change in agricultural practices. Many area farmers had abandoned millet—a traditional crop increasingly …

Start with a side gig, develop your breakthrough idea.

There is a saying that the best time to plant a shade tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is now. The best time to launch a consulting business is when you are still employed. And if you are not employed then the second best time in now. I used the side gig …

Affiliate Marketing

Following the various ideas we have covered in earlier episodes you may have been able to build a substantial following. Now is the time to consider affiliate marketing as a low-cost option to generating income.  This is particularly attractive if you do not yet have a product to sell. What is affiliate marketing? It is …


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Seize the Opportunity

Two barges photographed from my apartment in Ho Chi Minh City. Carrying goods destined to shipped all around the world. There is a world of opportunity for you to tap into. Let me help you grow and achieve success.

SMEs are vital to the global economy and employ nearly 60% of worlds working population.

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