Welcome to 3 Continents Consulting Pte. Ltd.

An experienced CFO COO and General Manager. Advisor to Entrepreneurs and SMEs

Radio Show Host on IBGR.network


Welcome – Practical Solutions to Difficult Problems is my tag line and that is what provide to my clients.

I have 35 years experience at senior levels with an American MNC. I have lived on 3 Continents. Europe, North America and Asia. I also have worked extensively in Australia.

In 2014 I founded 3 Continents Consulting to help Entrepreneurs and SMEs find success in their business ventures. Over the last six years I have learned a lot about the challenges faced by growing businesses. The combination of lessons learned at MNCs combined with my experience with SMEs gives me a broad perspective that enables me to solve difficult problems.

In 2020 I retired from full time employment to follow my passion to focus on supporting smaller companies who are the backbone to the global economy.

I also work as a fractional CFO with the CFO Centre a global leader in supplying part time CFOs.

I focus on developing strategies accelerating revenue and profit growth and long term growth in areas such as:

Mergers and Acquisition Support

Business Turnarounds

FP&A, Budgeting and Cash Flow

Staff Development

Strategic Planning

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